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Founded in 2015, Music Mission San Francisco (MMSF) provides after-school music education free of charge to underserved children in San Francisco’s Mission District.  Our goal is inspire children to create positive social change throughout their lives.  We strive for student improvement in school learning/attendance and a vision of higher academic aspirations, social skills, a sense of community, behavior, musical literacy, problem-solving skills, an appreciation for music, and cognitive skills such as memory, manual dexterity, sustained focus and pattern recognition.  Our philosophy is based on EI Sistema, the internationally recognized Venezuelan music education program founded in 1975 by Jose Antonio Abreu.


  • A sense of community, sharing, and teamwork

  • Improvement in school learning and attendance

  • A vision of higher academic aspirations

  • Advancement in problem‐solving skills

  • Excellence through diligence and respect for others

  • Development in cognitive skills such as memory,

       manual dexterity, sustained focus and pattern recognition

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